4 Apps for an Awesome August and the 1 Question to Ask Yourself Today

Can you believe it is already August?! What a perfect time to reflect on the year so far. How are you doing on those goals and visions you created for yourself at the beginning of 2014? There are 5 whole months left in this year…what are you going to do with them? Instead of resetting those same old boring goals, think about this quote from Tim Ferris, author of the 4-Hour Work Week (my current Audible pick of the month): “The question you should be asking isn’t, ‘What do I want?’ or ‘What are my goals?’, but, ‘What would excite me?'” What is going to fire you up this month and beyond? What would make you want to jump out of bed in the morning? Whatever you’re thinking, think BIGGER, crazier, and more awesome! You’re not on this planet to get by and get along, you’re here to milk every minute for all it’s worth! I love using technology to support my goals/dreams/visions. Here are the apps I’m going to be using to keep me focused, hold me accountable, and help me LEVEL UP my awesomeness in August!

Toggl Available as an internet, desktop, and smartphone app. This easy to use, simple and intuitive time-tracking application is a kickass tool to help you measure, manage, and more efficiently use your time. We learn so much by tracking our time: Are we spending our time wisely? Are we taking more time to do things than we think? Do we have work/life balance? Are we spending enough time doing the things that will bring us the most profit/satisfaction/bang for our buck? What low level things can we delegate? How much time do we spend commuting, running errands, sucked into social media? How much are we sleeping? Working out? Taking time for self-care? Basically, tracking our time tells us quite quickly if we are spending our time in ways that are in alignment with our values and goals.

GymPact This cool reward (and penalty) app pays you if you reach your weekly goals and YOU PAY THEM if you don’t (that money that goes to pay those that are reaching their goals in the GymPact community). What I’m super excited about is that now Gym Pact syncs with Fitness Pal and RunKeeper so you can use it to keep up with your food logging and non-gym workouts too. I set up some goals, entered my credit card, and synced up my other apps to this today. It made me NERVOUS and a little scared that I won’t be able to keep up and guess what – THAT’S AWESOME!!!!!! If your goals and personal challenges don’t make you nervous and a little scared, then they are not big enough! This month, set some goals that make you uncomfortable! Up the stakes and watch the magic happen!

Headspace One of my current goals is to work on managing my stress and improve my quality of life through daily meditation. Let me tell you, this does NOT come naturally to me. Even just the smallest commitment to meditate for 5 minutes a day is so freakin’ hard for me. I have tried and tried to create a daily meditation routine but have never been able to keep it up. Headspace was recommended to me by the super awesome Christopher Kelly from NourishBalanceThrive who I have been working with to improve my health and athletic performance. This guided meditation app is simple, easy to use, and just kind of fun, so I actually look forward to it. It tracks my progress which helps me stay focused and motivated to keep going. I am working my way through the foundation package so that I can unlock the other packages. I’m determined to get to the next level this month. I also love the “singles” – little meditations for use during runs, chores, freak-outs…and the sleeping meditation knocks me out without fail.

Duolingo I just discovered this app and I am obsessed! It is just so FUN! As I mentioned, I have been working on reducing stress and part of that is a focus on having more fun and doing things that bring me pleasure. I know it’s kinda silly/sad that I have to set a goal to have more fun, but I can often get so sucked into my to-do-lists, responsibilities, and battling the soul-sucking “shoulds” in my life that I forget to do things just because they are fun and enjoyable. This app, available online and as a smartphone app is a free language learning tool. I started fooling around with it to see how much French I could remember from college and surprisingly it all started coming back to me. The app works like a video game, with levels and a “lingot” reward system complete with a virtual store you can spend your lingots in. I forgot how much I love the French language, learning language in general, and how much I love video games! I find myself getting completely lost in the moment (a great thing for the brain and spirit) and feel such a sense of accomplishment when I soar through a level (also great for the brain and spirit).

Commit to spending at least 30 minutes today or this weekend to write down your answer to the question, “what would excite me this month.” Take some time to also think about what you can do to make the rest of the year flow smoothly and joyously. Make this the year that you plan ahead for the holidays (and REALLY enjoy them), learn a new language, take a fall or winter vacation, and design your dream life BEFORE everyone else’s New Year’s Resolution scramble to get their s#!% back on track.

If you’re looking for the perfect moment to start something, finish something, become something, make something happen, shift something, do something, change something, build something, dump something, grow something, create something…THIS IS IT! Get excited and get on it! Woohoo! 


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