Celebrating Life and Leveling Up

Happy September! Here we are! A fresh slate, limitless possibility…what are you going to do to make this month amazing? Did you know that there are just 121 days until 2015? What small shifts can you make, or daily action can you take beginning now that will create big results that you can celebrate on New Year’s Eve?  

If you are looking for some inspiration, check out Give it 100, a community of people who have committed to giving 100 days to improving themselves in some way. Their video journals are so inspiring and are a great reminder that it’s the little effort we put in daily that creates the big results we so desire. Not to mention that usually within the first month, the brain begins to rewire itself, creating new habits and replacing less desirable ones. Not sure what to give 100 days to? Here are some questions to get you thinking: 

  • What would you love to do but always say you have no time for? 
  • What are you sick of hearing yourself say you are “bad” at? 
  • What do you think is holding you back? 
  • What have you always wanted to be able to do? 
  • What stops you from going places or participating in things that you want to be a part of? 
  • What thing do you see others doing that makes you envious? 
  • What do you tell yourself you’re too old/stupid/fat/slow/young/broke/mature for? 
  • What would make you ridiculously happy? 
  • What skill would you ask a genie in a lamp to give you? 
  • What is the most important thing you could do for your career/life/family/relationship/health? 
  • What party trick would you love to be able to show off at a New Year’s Eve party? 

While I have not yet decided what I’m going to “give 100” to, today I did my ritual of monthly planning and this month I am committing to less worry, less sugar, more writing, more meditation, more gratitude, more laughter, more sweat, more sleep, more “frogs”, and more fun! And since September is my BIRTHDAY MONTH, I’m also focusing on self-care and getting ready for my end-of-the-month birthday staycation. Oh yeah! 

For me, September is a month-long celebration of life and leveling up. What are you celebrating this month? 

P.S. Did you notice my fresh new website? Big thanks to my super awesome BF who converted my wordpress blog to this supah fancy Square Space site! There’s even a cool “subscribe” button for you to sign up for my email newsletter so we can be connected and you won’t miss a thing I share about events, classes, resources, and other fun stuff. Yay! 


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