7-Day “Can’t” Detox

Yesterday at the end of my classes at Egan’s Fit Body Bootcamp, I talked with our Bootcampers about the importance of shifting from an “I can’t” mindset to “solution-based questioning” to help us create the life we desire. Instead of giving our “limiting factors” the starring roll in our story, we can put the focus on what we CAN do to get us to our desires. We sometimes get so hooked into our story about why we can’t do something that we get stuck on “I can’t” instead of asking the simple question “How CAN I make this happen?” 

Check out this amazing story about a woman who never let her limiting factors (being born with no legs) take the center stage and never let the words “can’t” get in the way of her dreams to become a gymnast. Big thanks to our Bootcamper Bev who shared this inspiring story with me after class. I will watch this everytime I hear myself whining about my perceived limiting factors. 

This weekend, start your own 7-day “CAN’T” Detox. When you hear yourself talking about what you CAN’T do and why you CAN’T reach your goals, stop yourself and say “DELETE!” Then ask yourself: “What can I do?” 

Write down your observations and keep track of how much time you spend talking about your limiting factors instead of taking action. For every “can’t” story that you tell yourself, come up with three solutions or actions you CAN take. For added behavior modification, you can wear a rubberband on your wrist and snap it every time you catch yourself saying “can’t” or get your friends and family involved and tell them they can pinch you or charge you a $1 every time they hear you say it!

Imagine what you could achieve if “can’t'” never even crossed your mind. Reprogram yourself to believe in your limitless capabilities. 


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