Create Your Holiday "Reset Plan"

We all have those mornings (especially during the holidays) when we wake up feeling less than amazing. Perhaps you had one too many drinks or stayed up too late or ate way more sugar/carbs/junk than you had planned. Maybe it’s been a streak of days like this, holiday parties, work events, and you’ve just fallen completely off the wagon.

First of all, know that you are human and that even professional athletes, movie stars, super models, health gurus, and that seemingly perfect health-nut/gym-rat have times that they overindulge and miss their workouts. When we anticipate and understand that there will be times that we get off-track from our health goals and we create a reliable “Reset Plan” for ourselves, we can spend less time beating ourselves up and more time getting back in alignment with our goals. Plus it gives us permission to actually enjoy those times that we do indulge because we have full confidence in our ability to get back on track. 

Before the Holiday Season is in full effect, take 30 to 60 minutes to write down your “Reset Plan” so that you are prepared and empowered for anything that comes your way. Knowing how to reset your body and knowing that every moment is an opportunity to put your Reset Plan into effect is one of the foundational keys to maintaining your wellness. I recommend creating a 3-day to 4-week plan of action that you can activate when you find yourself off-track. This is not an “I’ve been bad, I’m never eating carbs/drinking/cheating again, this is the new me forever plan”. This is a short, reliable list of tools in your toolkit to get you reenergized, refocused, and back on track. 

Make a commitment to be kinder to yourself and reduce the anxiety that comes from all-or-nothing thinking.  There is no “good” or “bad” behavior, there is simply behavior that is in alignment with our goals and values or not in alignment with our goals and values. Use some of your planning time to get clear about what your goals and values, because the clearer you are about what you want, the easier it is to make choices that support your vision for yourself.

Everyone’s Reset Plan looks different. Part of becoming a health warrior is learning what works for you and what feels good for your body, mind, and spirit. As you define and design your Reset Plan, here are 50 ideas that may inspire you or become a part of your toolkit: 

  1. Sit quietly for 20 minutes and ask your body what it needs…be sure to write down any messages you receive!
  2. Go for a walk or a run in the fresh air
  3. Try a new fitness class – if you’re in Hawaii, come try one of our fat-burning muscle building HIIT classes at Egan’s Fit Body Bootcamp where I teach Bootcamp classes! The perfect 30 minute sweaty, fun reset! 
  4. Wear a heart rate monitor and up the intensity of your workouts
  5. Schedule a week of workouts in your calendar
  6. Take a yoga class
  7. Dance! Find or create a mood-boosting, energizing playlist. Here’s a Spotify “Reset Mix” for you! 
  8. Go trampolining! It helps with lymph circulation and detoxification. Plus it’s fun! 
  9. Do some kickboxing – punching and kicking is a great way to reset your body and release stress!
  10. Start every morning with 20 jumping jacks, 20 burpees, and 20 push-ups
  11. Journal, do some health visioning and goal setting for the week/month/year
  12. Reach out for support from a health/fitness/life coach
  13. Start your day with a tall glass of lemon water and drink tons of water all day long
  14. Eat fresh vegetables at every meal
  15. Cut out sugar
  16. Cut out processed foods
  17. Cut out gluten
  18. Cut out soda
  19. Cut out caffeine (wean yourself off to avoid the headaches)
  20. Cut out alcohol
  21. Cut back on dining out
  22. Make a nourishing soup full of fresh veggies
  23. Have a big salad everyday
  24. Finish eating 2-3 hours before you go to bed
  25. Increase your protein at breakfast and lunch and lighten up your evening meals, try a simple soup or green smoothie for dinner
  26. Log your meals in a journal or using an app like Fitness Pal
  27. Increase your lean protein, reduce your carbs
  28. Clean out your fridge and cupboards and dump all the junk
  29. Figure out your “kryptonite” (soda, candy, cookies) and commit to saying “no” to it for a week. 
  30. Make a bet with a coworker to see who can make it longer resisting the office baked goods/candy bowl
  31. Find a safe, reliable, short-term, nutrient-dense reset program that you trust. I love Purium’s 10-day Transformation and 10-Day Athelete’s cleanse, Chris Kresser’s Paleo Code 30 Day Reset and Alejandro Junger’s Clean Program because they all focus on eliminating allergens and processed food and include protein/amino acids unlike many other liquid fast or “detox” plans
  32. Write out 100 reasons eating clean and working out will benefit you
  33. Switch from coffee to green tea
  34. Plan your meals
  35. Hire a healthy chef for a month (I am blessed to utilize the services of my friend Fortuna, The Kitchen Goddess!)
  36. Get a weekly raw meal service like Licious Dishes
  37. Dry brush your whole body, take a cold/hot shower, then and slather yourself with coconut oil
  38. Go to a Korean spa and have them slough off the old you. Ew. 
  39. Get a massage
  40. Get acupuncture
  41. Make your bed everyday
  42. Take a nap, schedule it on your calendar if you have to
  43. Get an extra hour or two of sleep
  44. Deep clean your house (turn it into a workout by listening to music/dancing as you work)
  45. Meditate for 10 minutes everyday
  46. Go to the bookstore and browse the fitness/nutrition books or magazines for inspiration
  47. Take the focus off of yourself…call a friend who could use some extra love and support, do some volunteer work, help a family member/neighbor/co-worker. 
  48. Make a commitment on and sign up for a Lift Coach to help you stay committed. 
  49. Find a “Reset Buddy” for accountability and fun. Create your plan together and then promise each other to put it into effect together when you need it! 
  50. Love and forgive yourself. Write out a list of 100 ways your recent choices benefited or served you. Reset your body and spirit with love and kindness. You and your body are exactly where you are meant to be, experiencing exactly what you are meant to, at exactly the right time. Your reset is a treat, not a punishment…enjoy the balance in your life and embrace the natural ebb and flow of your personal health journey.  

I’d love to hear from you! What are is your personal Reset Plan? How do you get yourself back in alignment with your health goals? 


2 thoughts on “Create Your Holiday "Reset Plan"

  1. Thanks Kimi! Love this! Health is wealth! I am getting over a cold now but excited for a full recovery to work out and sweat with you guys! WOO HOO! Yoga, meditation, and clean eating FTW!

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