5 Ways to Supercharge Your 2015!

Happy 2015! Whatever you want to achieve or experience this fabulous new year, here are some goal-setting/achieving tips that have worked for me and how I plan to make this year EPIC: 

1 – Get super duper clear about what you want! Think of it like ordering from a menu – you could order “a burger” or you could order a 100% grass-fed local beef burger with ripe avocado, fresh organic greens, homemade aioli, fresh baked gluten-free bun, and a side of baked sweet potato garlic fries. Be specific so that when you get what you want it’s exactly what you want. 

2 – Break your goals into bite size chunks and create deadlines for yourself. Get out your calendar and put some dates to those dreams. Turn your vision into actionable items.

3 – Tell the world (or at least some close, dependable, inspiring friends) what you want to achieve/do/have. Accountability is the secret sauce of high achievers! Break out of your bubble! Put it out there and watch the magic happen! 

4 – Reach out for support. If you don’t know how to achieve something or how to make your dreams come true, get out there and ask for help. Ask your friends, ask your mentors, sign up for classes, read, do online research, check out youtube, trade your time with someone who can assist you, join a mastermind (best thing I did for myself in 2014 was to join Ari Meisel’s Less Doing Bootcamp and Mastermind).

5 – Be willing to face your fears. The biggest block to achieving what we most desire are those pesky fears of our ego…fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of looking stupid, fear of what others will think, fear of putting ourselves out there, fear of getting out of our comfort zone, fear of disappointing others, fear of judgement, the list goes on and on. Make this the year you are willing to shine a light on your fears and replace them with LOVE. The ego’s fears cannot exist in the light of LOVE, so follow your heart, f@%# what others think, and start living the life of your dreams. 

Wishing you the most amazing 2015! I look forward to learning and growing with all of you this year! Join me at Happiness U on January 10th for my class “Overwhelmed to Empowered” and check out all the many wonderful classes there to help you live your happiest most awesome life!



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