What did the Flower Say to Her Friends?

Hey Buds! (Get it? My kids told me that joke). I hope your year is off to a rip-roaring beautiful start. Things are shifting and moving forward in my life in exciting ways, which is why things have been pretty quiet on the blog front. I am thrilled to share with you that I am working on a big website upgrade that is a part of my newest project in the works – a podcast!

The Secret Sauce Podcast, scheduled to launch in March, is a weekly show where I will be interviewing amazing people to discover their “secret sauce” for making life better, more fun, and more delicious! We’ll be talking about health, happiness, productivity, and the habits and hacks of high achievers. The mission of The Secret Sauce Podcast is to inspire you to collect ingredients that resonate with you so that you can create your own secret sauce for success! To top it all off, I know you all are going to LOVE my co-host, Pualena Pakele and Cabot (yes, her last name has an “and” in it! That’s how unique and awesome she is). Pua is my fellow trainer and training partner at Egan’s Training Center and she’s also my super magical Unicorn Sister (there are six of us actually, everyone needs a solid tribe of supportive sisters). We are so pumped to bring you cool, inspiring content and weekly entertainment. What an adventure this will be! 

I’ve been feeling the urge to share and connect with the world on a bigger level for some time now, but the urgency has certainly been building. The act of sharing this post with all of you is actually a big moment for me. Putting it out there in words that I am committed to this podcast project means that there is no going back now, and while I’m excited, I confess that it also scares the bejeezus out of me. Along with the technical learning curve, this project has brought up all kinds of fears and limiting beliefs for me. Nothing like doing something out of your comfort zone to really dredge up old negative thought patterns and blocks. As they say, if you’re not uncomfortable leaving your comfort zone then you haven’t really left it. Yay. Bring on the growth. 

I love the Anais Nin quote above and take comfort in it anytime my heart goes from whispering to shouting at me to get my attention. When it’s time for you to move forward and that spiritual alarm clock goes off, snoozing it only delays the inevitable, eventually you gotta get up and get at it. Leaving your safe and comfortable world, and all the effort that it is going to take, is the only way to get relief from the pain of staying there. Totally annoying, always inconvenient, definitely challenging, but oh so awesome. 

The beautiful thing is that when you make the decision to follow your heart, the universe supports you. As my friend/sister/mentor Alice Inoue has taught me, “When you follow your heart, you experience synchronicities that let you know that you are on an inspired path.” I’ve certainly been experiencing synchroncities and have been blessed with amazing support. Take for instance this sequence of events: 

  • I was early to an appointment and had a few minutes to kill in the car so I decided to catch up on one of my favorite podcasts, The Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast. He was interviewing Christopher Kelly of Nourish Balance Thrive and their discussion about athletes and overtraining/stress/adrenal burnout made me wonder what my lab results would look like since some of the symptoms rang true for me. 
  • I reached out to Christopher Kelly, who is amazing, and did a series of tests with him that reveal to me that indeed I have adrenal exhaustion and some other issues going on. You can read a full article about my incredible experience with Nourish Balance Thrive here
  • The diagnosis of adrenal exhaustion ignites a new passion in me to reduce stress through technology, biohacking, productivity hacks, outsourcing, and becoming more efficient with my time and energy. I discover Ari Meisel and his Less Doing lifestyle and also begin teaching a new class at Happiness U about going from “Overwhelmed to Empowered” (sign up for my next class on February 21 here)
  • Income from my Purium business (organic green foods and health products that I use everyday) begins to give me the freedom to invest in myself and more time to work on my blog, teaching at Happiness U, and other projects I’ve been dreaming about. 
  • I join Ari’s Less Doing 8 Week Bootcamp, learn more, and get to know some truly amazing people. Connecting directly with online rockstars and entrepreneurs from all over the nation that I’ve admired from afar makes the world feel smaller and my big dreams more achievable. My podcast vision is born. 
  • After the Less Doing Bootcamp ends, I join Ari’s Less Doing Mastermind, confident that it is the next step to making my podcast dreams come true. And sure enough, the Mastermind is proving to be most valuable investment I could have made. I can’t express how grateful I am for all the support, care, and wisdom I have received from Ari and our Mastermind so far. But I never would have found my way to this place without all the other synchronicities that led me here. 

Taking the time to write out our synchroncities and support is an amazing tool for confirming that we are indeed on an inspired path and that “there is a bigger picture at work” (also something I learned from Alice, she’s so brilliant). Wherever you are in your life right now, just know that when it’s time to move forward, you’ll hear that spiritual alarm clock go off. Sure, you might snooze it a few times, but the time will come when the pain of the snooze battle is worse than just getting up and going for it. And know that when you do, the Universe will have your back. 

More updates coming soon. In the meantime, Join me for “Overwhelmed to Empowered” at Happiness U on February 21, 2015 at 2pm or come sweat with me at Egan’s Training Center! See you soon!  



2 thoughts on “What did the Flower Say to Her Friends?

  1. Kimi — I look forward to your podcast launch! Just from reading this post, I think you have a lot more you can and should share with the world (especially the spiritual stuff 😉 You’ve already put it eloquently with the universe quote and that just reminds me of Jesse Elder’s way of putting it: "The Universe is your dance partner, but, you’re leading. So go first" :)Cheers,Win

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