Choosing Faith Over Fear


As I was doing my Best Week Ever process this morning (stay tuned for our Best Week Ever eBook launch happening in May!), I noticed various fears popping up about this or that as I looked at my week ahead: fear of lack, fear about taxes and business filing I need to get done, fears about not having enough time to get things done, fears about missing a workout (most fear, remember, is not a rational friend). So this week my intention is to replace my fear with FAITH. Faith in my abilities, faith that I am on an inspired path, faith in my big dreams, faith in my limitless potential, and faith in the limitless support available to us at all times. Fear keeps us stuck. Faith moves us forward. Fear paralyzes us and limits our options. Faith frees us and expands our vision. Choose faith over fear to create your Best Life Ever.

Affirmation of the Week: When I choose faith over fear, miracles appear. 


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