STILL the Most Important Thing I Do Every Sunday

img_5944Here it is, Sunday morning…and guess what I’m doing. Yup, the same thing I’ve been doing for years – weekly planning. I was looking back at my old blog posts and found this one called “The Most Important Thing I do Every Sunday” that I posted in June of 2014. It brought tears to my eyes. I couldn’t have imagined that just over 2 years later I’d have the best, most badass business partner in the world and that we would be launching our own Best Life Ever Weekly Planner.

I can tell you this. There would be no Best Life Ever Weekly Planner available for pre-order right now if it wasn’t for 3 things:

1 – Weekly Planning. We were able to create, design, and fine-tune this planner because we’ve been using this system every freakin’ week for years. Not only do Pua and I do this process on our own, we do it as a company every week. Having a printed version of this process has been part of our Big Vision and this system has kept us accountable and working towards this goal every week.

2 – Pua. My number one life and productivity hack is actually not weekly planning – it’s Pua. I struggled for a long time trying to figure out my mission, my message, my online business strategy…something always felt a little funky, like something was missing. It was Pua. When the two of us joined forces, everything became easier, clearer, and most importantly, MORE FUN!

It’s not everyday you find a business partner that shares your vision, your voice, and your values…but also brings to the table different skills, experiences, perspectives, ideas, and energies. The result is that when Pua and I get together we are MORE than either of us would be on our own. One of my favorite podcast episodes is the one we did called How We Work which talks all about our epic partnership and business culture. My friendship and partnership with Pua is one of the things in my life that I am most proud of and most grateful for.

(Side note: Pua and I are so grateful for each other that in the gratitude section of our Best Business Ever Weekly Planning, we changed the wording to read: “We are grateful for EACH OTHER and…” because we found ourselves typing “each other” every week and couldn’t handle the inefficiency of retyping it every time.) 

3 – Action. Having a vision, goals, and planning each week is all fine and good, but it’s nothing without ACTION. There is a reason that one of the prompts in our planner each week says, “I will take BOLD ACTION towards my big vision this week by…” We have a planner, a podcast, blogs, coaching clients, the life and business that we have because we took ACTION.

So there it is, if you want to achieve BIG THINGS – you need weekly planning, support, and action. You got this and I got your back. 

Pre-order your Best Life Ever Planner today and for the support and accountability that will guarantee ACTION in 2017, apply today for one of my coaching programs. I am only accepting applications through December 15th and space is intentionally limited, so THIS is the time to book for the New Year! APPLY NOW

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Success coaching is NOT for everyone. It’s for those that are READY. How do you know? Trust your gut, baby! Those butterflies in your stomach are guiding you towards your purpose, your inspired path, your mission.

Listen to that voice inside telling you that the time is NOW to:

  • Get clear on your mission and message
  • Launch your personal brand
  • Overcome tech blocks
  • Create more time
  • Be more productive & efficient
  • Reduce stress
  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Balance/integrate work & play
  • Improve your health
  • Deepen relationships
  • Make more money
  • Have more fun
  • And create your best life (and year) ever!

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The Power of Stillness

stillnessAs we gear up for the holidays, here is my #1 strategy for making the most out of the holiday season:

I create time everyday to be quiet and still long enough to hear my inner wisdom.

Simple, but powerful. Our inner wisdom, guidance, and inspiration are like butterflies. All we have to do is be still enough and they will land right on our nose.

The crazier, and louder life gets, the more we forget that we get to create our reality and that we have access to guidance and support any moment we choose to slow down, take a deep breath, and listen.

You don’t need a 90 minute yoga class or a meditation retreat to access your inner guidance system, frankly all you need is 5 minutes on the toilet or in the car. Your inner wisdom doesn’t need any fanfare or fancy rituals. Simply get quiet and ask for guidance. That’s it.

Lately my inner wisdom has been encouraging me to take sexy BOLD action, to express myself out loud (my fears, my wishes, my gratitude), and to take more unplugged walks with the dog in nature.

Start with just a few minutes of stillness and watch how this one small commitment transforms your day and your holiday season.

For more holiday hacks, stay tuned for our next Best Life Ever podcast episode releasing tomorrow morning! Subscribe in iTunes so you don’t miss an episode

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It’s Time!


Hey there, it’s OCTOBER, friends! If you have goals you want to hit by the end of 2016 AND if you want to make this coming holiday season extra sane and spectacular, LET’S TALK! My goal as a Success Coach is to help you achieve MORE with less effort and more freakin’ fun. I want to help you work smarter, not harder to reach your personal and professional goals.

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Happy Summer!

Are you ready for your BSEI am SO getting into Summer! Pua and I have been cooking up some serious SUMMER FUN plans over at Best Life Ever and it’s changing my world! Our big plans were hatched after a conversation about how we’ve been all hustle and no play lately. You see, the thing is about having a company called “Best Life Ever” is that we have to keep checking in to make sure we’re living what we preach.

Often the challenge for entrepreneurs is that we can get so into the inspired grind that we forget to incorporate restoration into our schedule. Without the structure of a typical work day/week (and because it’s just so darn FUN to work on what you love) we often end up “burning the candle at both ends” as my mom says. When you are your own boss and even if you’re not, there is always more work that can be done, there are always new ways that you grow your business, there are always new ideas and projects and tasks and s@#% that you could do, so it truly takes conscious effort, not to mention effective habits and systems, to create downtime.

Why is downtime important? Because it creates SPACE. Space for healing, reflection, creativity, innovation, problem solving, energy building, and mood boosting. That’s what this Summer is all about for me and that’s the mission of our Best Summer Ever Virtual Summer Camp.

I hope you will join us for Best Summer Ever and if you’re looking for some extra support in creating more ease, joy, productivity, and FOCUS in your personal and professional life, I currently have SPACE in my Best Life Ever Coaching program to help you crush your 2016 goals over the next 6 months. Book a complimentary session with me today to get you started!

Wishing you a Summer full of sunsets, s’mores, and sandy drawers 🙂

Peggy Chun was the Queen of Purposeful Productivity


This past weekend, I had the honor of speaking at a brunch put together by the ALS Association, MDA, and ALS Ohana in celebration of ALS Awareness Month. In Hawaii, Governor David Y. Ige issued a Proclamation in which May was designated ALS Awareness and ALS Families Appreciation Month and so I felt very blessed to get to spend the morning sharing a bit about my story as a caregiver for my Mother-in-Law, Peggy Chun. 

Peggy was a local watercolor artist, who lived with ALS for 6 years until she died in 2008. Caring for Peggy and managing her care group and art business was one of, if not the, most transformative experiences of my life. It was really in preparation for Saturday’s speaking engagement that it really hit me how much Peggy has inspired the work that I do today as a Best Life Ever life and business coach.

I absolutely love my joyous “job” (doesn’t ever feel like a job) of coaching people from scattered, busy, and overwhelmed to what we at Best Life Ever call “purposely productive” and inspired. Everyday I get to help people to create lives they love, their individual “Best Life Ever”, by helping them find their purpose, their joy, and by helping them to reduce stress, make life easier, and create more time for what truly matters. The more clients that I coach, the more that I do the work that I do, I realize that these are the exact philosophies that Peggy lived by and I truly feel her inspiration and guidance leading me each day.

I enjoyed sharing Peggy’s and my story so much, I thought I’d share it here too. As I mentioned, Peggy was my mother-in-law, and while her son Eric and I are no longer married, we have 2 amazing kids together (that’s our daughter Indy holding the paintbrush in her mouth like her “Puna” Peggy in the photo above) and we are great friends and forever family to each other. I had been dating Eric for just over a year when Peggy told us that she had been diagnosed with ALS. Peggy’s form of ALS was familial, her grandfather, mother, and twin sister had all died from ALS, so in many ways, I think the dynamic, larger-than-life, and often frenetic way that which she lived was partly due to the awareness she had of this illness and the high possibility that it would take her life too. Before I met Peggy I had never heard of ALS. I remember reading Tuesdays with Morrie to learn more about this illness that all of a sudden was becoming a big part of my life.

Things moved quite quickly after that. Just months after Peggy told us, she began losing strength in her legs. I began managing Peggy’s art business so that she could focus on just painting and her health. Right around the same time, Eric and I got married in the wedding of the century – we didn’t know how long Peggy had and so our wedding was as much a celebration of Peggy’s life as it was a celebration of our love and it was awesome! We had 550 people, mostly Peggy’s friends and family and many of those guests were or became part of the Peg’s Legs, a care group we created for her based on the book, Share the Care, which I highly recommend. Our group, the Peg’s Legs, became the largest, most amazing support system, not just for Peggy but for our whole family. Managing this group and her care was like running a mini-hospital and was incredibly complicated and intense, but it is the reason that Peggy was able to continue painting, living at home, and living her “Best Life Ever” until her last breath.

Through Peggy’s 6 years with ALS, with the support of the Peg’s Legs, Peggy continued to paint and grow her art business. She went from painting with her right hand, to painting with left when she lost use of her right. When her hands no longer worked, she used her mouth to paint. And when her mouth could no longer hold a brush, she even found technology that would allow her to paint on a computer using her eyes controlling the cursor. And when her eye movement became weaker, she found a company that would come in and hook sensors up to her brain activity so that she could create what she called her “Brain Paintings”.

In her 6 years with ALS, she created hundreds of paintings, she wrote a children’s book about her art and illness dedicated to her grandchildren, she went on a book tour, she shared about her illness and worked closely with every ALS organization there is, she starred in documentaries, she found the daughter she gave up for adoption and developed a beautiful relationship with her and her family, she wrote letters to everyone she loved, she recorded herself reading books for her grandchildren, she threw countless parties, gave a million gifts, organized endless surprises for her caregivers and family, and created and crushed a ridiculous bucket list (imagine Peggy with her electric wheelchair and ventilator and a dozen of her caregivers and nurses in animal costumes on the SuperFerry floating past a spectacular view of Moloka’i, most of us violently seasick). 

As you can see, Peggy LIVED “purposeful productivity”. How was it that Peggy could get so much done despite the fact that ALS was taking over her body? Because Peggy prioritized getting the things done that were deep and meaningful, instead of fussing over all the little things that make us feel busy but unsatisfied. How many of us fill our days with email, chores, superficial interactions on social media, and other busy work. We tell ourselves that once we get everything done, once things “settle down”, then we’ll do the big things, then we’ll write the book, then we’ll hit that bucket list, then we’ll do more of that hobby, then we’ll have fun, then we will spend time with the ones we love…then we’ll do the things we REALLY want to do. But that time never comes, things don’t settle down, our lists are never complete, we get sucked into the busy work and suddenly we look around and time feels like it has snuck by. We don’t remember when our kids got so big or how we got so disconnected from our loved ones and sometimes we don’t even recognize ourselves.

Honestly, when I cared for Peggy, her “purposeful productivity” mindset drove me nuts. I was so focused on her illness and her care that I didn’t see the big picture. I would get so frustrated asking her questions about her health to prepare for her telemedicine visits with her doctor and she would be completely preoccupied with spelling out on her spell-board to her caregivers (her way of communicating with her eyes when she could no longer speak) which costume she wanted to surprise Dr. Davis with once that camera when on. Peggy’s house was a mess, her email was overflowing, her mail was unopened; but she never forgot a birthday, she created SOMETHING beautiful everyday, and she always made you feel like you were the most important person in the world.

I’m not sure I fully appreciated Peggy’s way of living until she died. As I worked through the loss of Peggy and my identity as her caregiver and business manager, I had to redefine my own purpose. I did a lot of inner work to find my post-Peggy, Best Life Ever and eventually my purpose of helping others find theirs. And what I realize now is that Peggy had it right all along. Life is not about getting more done, life is about getting the things done that truly matter.

I will share with all of you the same wish that I shared with the guests at Saturday’s brunch…the same wish that I have for myself and my kids and every client and every loved one in my life:

My wish for all of you, wherever you are in your life, whatever your situation may be, is that you can take inspiration from Peggy’s “Purposeful Productivity” mindset. My wish for you is less busy work and more deep soulful purposeful work that impacts the world and leaves a legacy. My wish for you is fewer shallow interactions, and more deep meaningful connections that fill your heart and the hearts of others. 

I know, if you live this way, like Peggy, you will have no regrets at the end of your life. I know, like Peggy, as you breathe your last breath here on earth, your eyes will smile with the satisfaction that you lived your Best Life Ever. 

Thank you, Peggy. I love you forever. 

8 Weeks to More Productivity, Ease, & Joy!


So much going on over at Best Life Ever!

Pua and I are so excited for our upcoming Best Work+Life Ever 8 week virtual coaching program. Register today and tell all your friends! It’s so fun for us to do a class that is available to ANYONE not just those in Hawaii. This is the perfect course for anyone looking to create more productivity, joy, and ease in their personal and professional lives. Read more about our program here. We are using Webinar Jam to host this series and we LOVE it. Such an awesome tool and company.

And for those in Hawaii, this Wednesday, April 27th is our Pacific Business News University workshop “Overwhelmed to Inspired”. You can register here for you this 90 minute workshop at the Macy’s Special Events Room in Honolulu, Hawaii.

And OMG – Best Life Ever: The Podcast is FINALLY launching in just a few weeks and we are freaking EXCITED!!!!! We are launching 5 months later than we thought we would be after saying goodbye to Hot Better Pop Radio last December, but everything works out exactly as it is supposed to. Sometimes it’s hard to see it in the moment, but there really is a bigger picture at work that we can trust in.


Choosing Faith Over Fear


As I was doing my Best Week Ever process this morning (stay tuned for our Best Week Ever eBook launch happening in May!), I noticed various fears popping up about this or that as I looked at my week ahead: fear of lack, fear about taxes and business filing I need to get done, fears about not having enough time to get things done, fears about missing a workout (most fear, remember, is not a rational friend). So this week my intention is to replace my fear with FAITH. Faith in my abilities, faith that I am on an inspired path, faith in my big dreams, faith in my limitless potential, and faith in the limitless support available to us at all times. Fear keeps us stuck. Faith moves us forward. Fear paralyzes us and limits our options. Faith frees us and expands our vision. Choose faith over fear to create your Best Life Ever.

Affirmation of the Week: When I choose faith over fear, miracles appear.