8 Weeks to More Productivity, Ease, & Joy!


So much going on over at Best Life Ever!

Pua and I are so excited for our upcoming Best Work+Life Ever 8 week virtual coaching program. Register today and tell all your friends! It’s so fun for us to do a class that is available to ANYONE not just those in Hawaii. This is the perfect course for anyone looking to create more productivity, joy, and ease in their personal and professional lives. Read more about our program here. We are using Webinar Jam to host this series and we LOVE it. Such an awesome tool and company.

And for those in Hawaii, this Wednesday, April 27th is our Pacific Business News University workshop “Overwhelmed to Inspired”. You can register here for you this 90 minute workshop at the Macy’s Special Events Room in Honolulu, Hawaii.

And OMG – Best Life Ever: The Podcast is FINALLY launching in just a few weeks and we are freaking EXCITED!!!!! We are launching 5 months later than we thought we would be after saying goodbye to Hot Better Pop Radio last December, but everything works out exactly as it is supposed to. Sometimes it’s hard to see it in the moment, but there really is a bigger picture at work that we can trust in.



Best Life Ever


Wow! So much has happened in a year. My amazing business partner/unicorn sister Pua and I had the most incredible learning experience with our podcast, Hot Better Pop. We recorded our final Hot Better Pop episode in December 2015 and now our new podcast, Best Life Ever, is launching in just weeks and we couldn’t be more excited. We have moved to audio AND video now. We now record our podcast episodes at Eden in Love and have the honor to be styled by their epic stylists and Flaunt’s Christine Gardner does our hair and makeup and blesses us with her beautiful energy. All the new photos you see on my site and our Best Life Ever site were taken by the very talented Lenny Kaholo. We have been so blessed with such amazing support! Our Best Week Ever e-book is launching soon too and we have an upcoming online coaching program called Best Work+Life Ever that will be launching the first week of May. We also continue to joyously teach classes at Alice Inoue’s Happiness U.

This past year has really been about learning, growing, launching my coaching business, and working with Pua to create Best Life Ever. I participated in Ari Meisel‘s Less Doing Mastermind and spent 12 full months working with business and life coach Hang Boge. So much more has happened and I have so much more to share, but I will keep it short for this first post in the resurrection my personal website and blog! I am proud to share that I have created enough time freedom to dedicate more hours to writing, something that brings me great joy. It is my passion to help others create more time for whatever brings them joy and fulfillment.

To find out more about all the exciting things happening at Best Life Ever, check out kimiandpua.com and be sure to check out my about page to find out more about how I’m living my Best Life Ever and how I can help you live yours. Have a relaxing, wonderful weekend full of perfect moments.

Hot Better Poppin’!

Kimi and Pua

Just a quick update for y’all! Our podcast “Hot Better Pop Radio” (formerly known as The Secret Sauce Podcast, is now live! We release a new episode every Tuesday morning and we (me and the super amazeballs Pua Pakele&Cabot) are having a freakin’ blast!!!!!!! Seriously, words can’t begin to describe what it feels like for us to go from just an idea to a real life podcast! We are learning so much as we go/grow and keep pinching ourselves everyday – can it really be this fun, joyous, and magical?! The answer is YES!

You’ll be hearing from me again soon, either here or on HotBetterPop.com or both, but until then, follow your intuition, follow your heart, and follow your joy…it will never lead you astray. Your dreams are never too big. Get out there and make shit happen (Hot Better Pop is here to help – reach out!). You are supported, you are loved, and you are limitless.

Subscribe to Hot Better Pop Radio on iTunes! 

Fun photo by KelliBullockPhotography.com

What did the Flower Say to Her Friends?

Hey Buds! (Get it? My kids told me that joke). I hope your year is off to a rip-roaring beautiful start. Things are shifting and moving forward in my life in exciting ways, which is why things have been pretty quiet on the blog front. I am thrilled to share with you that I am working on a big website upgrade that is a part of my newest project in the works – a podcast!

The Secret Sauce Podcast, scheduled to launch in March, is a weekly show where I will be interviewing amazing people to discover their “secret sauce” for making life better, more fun, and more delicious! We’ll be talking about health, happiness, productivity, and the habits and hacks of high achievers. The mission of The Secret Sauce Podcast is to inspire you to collect ingredients that resonate with you so that you can create your own secret sauce for success! To top it all off, I know you all are going to LOVE my co-host, Pualena Pakele and Cabot (yes, her last name has an “and” in it! That’s how unique and awesome she is). Pua is my fellow trainer and training partner at Egan’s Training Center and she’s also my super magical Unicorn Sister (there are six of us actually, everyone needs a solid tribe of supportive sisters). We are so pumped to bring you cool, inspiring content and weekly entertainment. What an adventure this will be! 

I’ve been feeling the urge to share and connect with the world on a bigger level for some time now, but the urgency has certainly been building. The act of sharing this post with all of you is actually a big moment for me. Putting it out there in words that I am committed to this podcast project means that there is no going back now, and while I’m excited, I confess that it also scares the bejeezus out of me. Along with the technical learning curve, this project has brought up all kinds of fears and limiting beliefs for me. Nothing like doing something out of your comfort zone to really dredge up old negative thought patterns and blocks. As they say, if you’re not uncomfortable leaving your comfort zone then you haven’t really left it. Yay. Bring on the growth. 

I love the Anais Nin quote above and take comfort in it anytime my heart goes from whispering to shouting at me to get my attention. When it’s time for you to move forward and that spiritual alarm clock goes off, snoozing it only delays the inevitable, eventually you gotta get up and get at it. Leaving your safe and comfortable world, and all the effort that it is going to take, is the only way to get relief from the pain of staying there. Totally annoying, always inconvenient, definitely challenging, but oh so awesome. 

The beautiful thing is that when you make the decision to follow your heart, the universe supports you. As my friend/sister/mentor Alice Inoue has taught me, “When you follow your heart, you experience synchronicities that let you know that you are on an inspired path.” I’ve certainly been experiencing synchroncities and have been blessed with amazing support. Take for instance this sequence of events: 

  • I was early to an appointment and had a few minutes to kill in the car so I decided to catch up on one of my favorite podcasts, The Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast. He was interviewing Christopher Kelly of Nourish Balance Thrive and their discussion about athletes and overtraining/stress/adrenal burnout made me wonder what my lab results would look like since some of the symptoms rang true for me. 
  • I reached out to Christopher Kelly, who is amazing, and did a series of tests with him that reveal to me that indeed I have adrenal exhaustion and some other issues going on. You can read a full article about my incredible experience with Nourish Balance Thrive here
  • The diagnosis of adrenal exhaustion ignites a new passion in me to reduce stress through technology, biohacking, productivity hacks, outsourcing, and becoming more efficient with my time and energy. I discover Ari Meisel and his Less Doing lifestyle and also begin teaching a new class at Happiness U about going from “Overwhelmed to Empowered” (sign up for my next class on February 21 here)
  • Income from my Purium business (organic green foods and health products that I use everyday) begins to give me the freedom to invest in myself and more time to work on my blog, teaching at Happiness U, and other projects I’ve been dreaming about. 
  • I join Ari’s Less Doing 8 Week Bootcamp, learn more, and get to know some truly amazing people. Connecting directly with online rockstars and entrepreneurs from all over the nation that I’ve admired from afar makes the world feel smaller and my big dreams more achievable. My podcast vision is born. 
  • After the Less Doing Bootcamp ends, I join Ari’s Less Doing Mastermind, confident that it is the next step to making my podcast dreams come true. And sure enough, the Mastermind is proving to be most valuable investment I could have made. I can’t express how grateful I am for all the support, care, and wisdom I have received from Ari and our Mastermind so far. But I never would have found my way to this place without all the other synchronicities that led me here. 

Taking the time to write out our synchroncities and support is an amazing tool for confirming that we are indeed on an inspired path and that “there is a bigger picture at work” (also something I learned from Alice, she’s so brilliant). Wherever you are in your life right now, just know that when it’s time to move forward, you’ll hear that spiritual alarm clock go off. Sure, you might snooze it a few times, but the time will come when the pain of the snooze battle is worse than just getting up and going for it. And know that when you do, the Universe will have your back. 

More updates coming soon. In the meantime, Join me for “Overwhelmed to Empowered” at Happiness U on February 21, 2015 at 2pm or come sweat with me at Egan’s Training Center! See you soon!  


20 Ways to Improve Your Gift Giving (and Receiving) Skills

O.K., friends, with the season of giving upon us, it is a great time to talk about some gift exchange etiquette and guidance. We all know that the whole holiday gift thing can be super awesome or super awkward depending on the situation and the skills of the giver or recipient. As you give and receive this year, bring more joy and planning to your holiday season by considering these thoughts on holiday gift giving and receiving:  

When giving…

1. Do start with a list. Do a brain dump of everyone that might be on your gift list. Consider doing this on your computer with a program like Evernote or Google Docs so that you can easily refer to it next year (or even refer to it for birthdays, etc.). Don’t forget to include things like “stocking stuffers” and “Santa gifts”. You may want to organize your list by family, friends, coworkers, service providers (e.g. hair stylist), and kids. As you purchase things, write it next to their name so that you can refer to it next year and remember what you gave and to whom. This year, I’m loving the iPhone app The Christmas List

2. Do create a budget. Once you have your list, set a budget for how much you plan to spend on each person (you can use excel, Google spreadsheets, or an app with a budgeting feature like The Christmas List). This will shape your list and your gift choices – don’t be afraid to trim down your list.  Gifts purchased out of guilt or obligation, especially when we are on a budget, leave us financially AND emotionally depleted. Having a clear budget will reduce your stress by making sure you still have enough to take care of your regular monthly expenses. With your budget in mind, next year you can plan to put a little aside each month in a special savings account just for the holidays. 

3. Do take some time to really think about what would make someone’s life easier or bring them joy. What do they love? What do they struggle with? What do they talk about but not do for themselves? The holidays are a great time to really LISTEN to people. Make it game to play detective; observe and take notes about the things your friends and family are talking about and admiring.

4. Do think about what YOU love. For gift inspiration, look at your daily routine and find those items or little things in your life that you can’t live without. Think about your favorite coffee, snack, lip gloss, lotion, pen, book, service etc. that you could share with others. 

5. Do keep some small gifts on hand for hostess gifts and people on your list that you may have forgotten. Keep a bin of these types of gifts that you can add to all year round. This is a great way to re-gift little things that you won’t use or aren’t your style…just remember who gave them to you first to avoid the embarrassment of giving back what someone gave you! Consider doing a “re-gift swap” with your closest friends as a fun and free way to do some holiday “shopping”. 

6. Do put some thought into the presentation. Unwrapped gifts, plastic grocery bags, ratty old used bags (especially the ones that say “To” and “From” someone else) give a message that your gift was a last minute thought. It doesn’t have to be fancy, a simple brown paper gift bag with a holiday label or sticker and the recipient’s name shows that you put some thought and effort into the gift.  

7. Do reduce your stress by simplifying and optimizing your shopping. Having a theme for all your gifts (stress reduction, farm-to-table, fitness) and buying the same thing for multiple people can help you to feel less overwhelmed and reduce decision fatigue as you shop. Batch your shopping errands together and avoid peak shopping/traffic times or avoid the crowds altogether by shopping online. 

8. Don’t focus on cost, focus on value. You don’t have to break the bank holiday shopping. Write someone a heart-felt letter about what makes them special. Check out Pinterest for DIY gift ideas. Give the gift of experiences. Gifts given from the heart are the most memorable and appreciated. In fact, being over-extravagant can make people feel uncomfortable if they can’t reciprocate.

9. Don’t call yourself a “bad gift giver”. No one needs to know about your gift-giving insecurities. It’s hard to get excited about getting a gift from someone who is telling you they plan to disappoint you. This gives someone the impression that you don’t care enough to really take the time to think about what you would like. 

10. Don’t pump it up too much either. On the other hand, don’t go on and on about how amazing the gift you got someone is. You might be actually be a terrible gift giver or maybe you got them something they already have, so don’t put someone in the position of having to pretend to be as excited as you. Let the gift speak for itself. 

11. Don’t tell people what you got them. You’re not five years old. Keep a secret and don’t ruin the surprise because of your lack of self-control. Share your excitement but don’t be an impulsive bean-spiller. 

12. Don’t say, “Just tell me what to give you.” It’s really just no fun and puts someone in the uncomfortable position of having to ask for a gift. Awkward.

When receiving…

13. Do savor the moment. Remember everything you were taught as a toddler. Read the card first. Take your time to admire and reflect on the gift before hurriedly moving on to the next. Make eye contact. Say “thank you”. Be present and savor the moment.  

14. Do write down what people gave you. This is a nice way to keep track of who you exchange gifts with on a regular basis and will give you the opportunity to write them a thank you card or just express your gratitude for their thoughtfulness. You can add this to your same holiday shopping list so that you can refer to it next year. 

15. Do focus on intent, not the gift. Someone thought of you enough to give you something. It doesn’t matter what it is. Before you even open that gift, express your gratitude and appreciation of their thoughtfulness.

16. Don’t say, “I have this already”. Not cool. Even if you have a dozen exactly like whatever it is, keep it to yourself and just say “thank you.” 

17. Don’t say, “I didn’t get you something.” This takes the wind out of the moment and puts the attention on you instead of acknowledging the thought and intent of the gift giver. Giving feels good, so don’t take that away from someone when they present you with something by making it about what you did or didn’t do. People don’t typically give because they WANT something in return and saying, “I didn’t get you something” makes you look like the kind of person that is keeping score. A simple, “Thank you so much” is sufficient. 

18. Don’t tell someone you are giving them something because they gave you something. If you do decide that you want to reciprocate a gift that was given, don’t say, “Here, I got you this because you got me something and I felt bad.” All the gift giver is going to hear is, “I felt bad” and that was NOT their intent when giving you something. 

19. Don’t tell people what you want. Unless you are a kid, presenting people with your Christmas list is pretty tacky. Allow yourself to be surprised and focus on giving instead of receiving. That being said, the holidays are a great time to practice the fine art of subtle hint dropping. Admire things openly, talk about what you love, etc. Kids are great at helping with this (“If anyone asks, this is what mommy really wants for Christmas”).

20. Don’t allow gift exchange angst to taint your holidays. Above all, gift giving and receiving should be FUN and MAGICAL! Don’t be a grinch! Remember that every time we give or receive a gift, it is an opportunity to express gratitude and love and inspire others to do the same.

Wishing you a fun-filled, stress-free, warm and fuzzy season of giving! May your heart and the hearts around you grow three-sizes this year! 

Looking to bring more joy, order, productivity, and simplicity your holidays and 2015? Join me this Sunday, December 7th at 1:30pm at Happiness U for my 90-minute Time and Life Optimization class! I’ll be sharing bonus materials for a fun, efficient, and organized holiday season!

Artwork by niallers on Fiverr – so cute, right?! Sign up for Fiverr here and GET A FREE GIG! 

Essentialism, Online Coaching, Easy Cash Exchanges, and Pinot Tracking

Happy November 1. What are you working on this month? I’m committing to more writing, more sleep, more joy, and more quality time with friends and family. I’ve really been inspired lately by multiple podcast interviews I’ve heard with Greg McKeown, the author of Essentialism, the Disciplined Pursuit of Less.  Here is a description of the book:

The Way of the Essentialist isn’t about getting more done in less time. It’s not about getting less done. It’s about getting only the right things done. It’s about challenging the core assumption of ‘we can have it all’ and ‘I have to do everything’ and replacing it with the pursuit of ‘the right thing, in the right way, at the right time’. It’s about regaining control of our own choices about where to spend our time and energies instead of giving others implicit permission to choose for us.

McKeown talks about the importance of doing a quarterly inventory of your life to identify what is truly essential. When we are trapped in the daily grind, we tend to feel like everything is essential and important, when in fact, very little actually is. He suggests that the quickest way to identify what is essential to you is to ask a few simple, but provocative questions: If you had only one week to live, what would you do? If you had only a month to live, what would you do? If you had only a year to live, what would you do? And if you had the rest of your life to live, what would you do? 

Try this exercise and you’ll quickly discover whether or not your lifestyle and the things you are doing each day are in alignment with your values and your heart’s desires. We tend to delay our dreams and the things that bring us true joy for a time when “things settle down” or “when we get through this or that”, but that day never seems to come and suddenly you realize much more time has passed than you had intended. Instead, see what non-essential tasks, obligations, or other stuff you can dump, delegate, automate, simplify, or optimize so that you can make space for joy TODAY. 

Don’t just think about what you want to achieve this month, this about how you want to FEEL. Commit to pursuing the RIGHT things for you. And as you do, here is a round-up of a few fun apps I’m loving right now that you can incorporate into your dream lifestyle. 

Lift and Lift Coaching Lift is a cool app and community that helps you to “put your goals into actions”. There are expert-led plans or you can create custom goals. You can use Lift to help hold you accountable and keep you focused on anything you are trying to achieve. There is a great story in the productivity/life hacker community about comedian Jerry Seinfield’s secret to success. He simply committed to writing jokes everyday, good or bad, and marked each day that he wrote on a calendar. Us humans have something inside of our brains that makes us not want to “break the chain”. Lift works in the same way. Psychologically we start by simply wanting to keep the chain going, and then eventually we’ve created new habits. I’m extra excited about Lift now because they have just launched “Lift Coaching” and there is code currently on the site for 2 weeks free coaching (otherwise it is $14.95/month). I just hired a coach to help me create a daily writing habit, something I’ve been really struggling with. She has already messaged me with great advice and the accountability factor of having someone checking in on me to see if I’m writing is exactly what I was missing. 

Cash by Square Inc. I learned about this cool app from Less Doing guru, Ari Meisel. I’m currently participating in his awesome 8-week Less Doing Bootcamp and I’m totally geeking out on some of the cool tools we’re learning more about. If you aren’t familiar with Ari’s work, drop everything and get his life-changing book “Less Doing, More Living” – the man’s a genius! The Cash app solves the mildly annoying problem of cash exchanges. In the past week I’ve saved myself the time and stress of having to run to the ATM or trying to remember that I have to pay someone back for something multiple times. You simply download the app to your smartphone and link your bank card to it (read all about Cash Security here) . The person on the other end does the same. You can request or send money. It’s similar to Paypal but it’s FREE. I’ve used it this week to send money to a friend collecting for a birthday gift, to pay an assistant, and to collect money for a Community Supported Agriculture bag of veggies that I front the cash for.  

Delectable Wine App  I love a good glass (ok, maybe a few glasses) of Pinot Noir once in a while. When I do indulge, I want to make sure I’m drinking something that I absolutely love, but I never really had a great system for tracking the wines that I fall in love with. I would take photos of wines I like, but then they would get buried forever in my iPhoto, meaning I end up buying the same 2 wines again and again. Enter, Delectable! This FREE wine app is like Instagram for wine lovers. You take a photo of the wine label and it will show you what other Delectable users have said about it and how they have rated it. You can use this app to track the wines by taking your own photos and note and you can also use it to help you determine what you want to purchase. You have the option to follow sommeliers and other users. You can even tag who you are sharing a bottle with and where you are so that you can remember special moments. My last Delectable post – A smooth and delicious Chilean Pinot Noir from Pinot Evil Cellars I discovered on sale at CVS for $5! I rarely trust cheap wines, but this one was outstanding and the reviews confirmed it. Here is one Delectable member’s take on it: “Clean, light raspberry nose. Dry, medium acidity, low tannin, light body. Flavors of raspberry and red plum, hint of damp hay. Short finish.” 

Cheers to your “Essentialist” November. Wishing you lots of mental space and time to design and create your dream life, full, but not too full, of the all the RIGHT things for you. 



I Wanna Be Like Bradley Cooper

Do you ever feel like there is just not enough time to do everything that you want to and “have to”? Does your life feel like never-ending blur of to-do lists, emails, events, commitments, and obligations? Do you ever worry that time is racing by so quickly that you are missing out on quality time with your friends, family, and yourself?

If so, you’re certainly not alone. In this day and age, most of us are familiar with that frazzled feeling of being overworked and overwhelmed. We are busier than ever and yet we find ourselves struggling to find the time to do the things that will help move us to our bigger goals, dreams, and life vision. We think time is the enemy holding us back from reaching our goals and enjoying the quality of life we desire. We tell ourselves that we will start pursuing our dreams “when life settles down”, but that day never seems to come. 

I have always wrestled with time and consider myself to be a recovering busy-ness addict and time-abuser. I have always blamed “lack of time” for my lack of productivity and lack of peace. Even today, the words, “I don’t have enough time” always sit on the tip of my tongue and it has taken me years to break the habit of giving the knee-jerk response of “busy” when asked how I’m doing. But this unhealthy relationship with time has led me to discover a new passion and obsession – life, time, and productivity hacking! 

There is so much to learn about the way our brains and bodies can best utilize the 24 hours we are all given each day. I find the concept of brain and body optimization to be absolutely thrilling. I mean, don’t we all want to feel like Bradley Cooper in Limitless? But until they create a nootropic like NZT that won’t cause time blackouts, limping, or death (if you haven’t seen Limitless, add to it your “movies to watch” list right now), we must be heal our relationship with time so that we may optimize our lives and start living our dreams. 

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to teach my first “Optimize Your Life” class this coming Saturday, September 13th at 4:30pm at Happiness U. I am so excited about this subject and I have designed this class to help you shift from “overwhelmed and busy” to “efficient, productive, and inspired” so that you no longer have to feel like time is the enemy. 

In this 90-minute workshop, I will share tips, tools, strategies, and resources to optimize your life and maximize your time. You’ll learn how to manage the technology in your life (instead of having it manage you) and discover how fun and easy it can be to outsource and automate lower-level tasks and stuff you just don’t want to do. I will share my favorite, easy-to-implement physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual hacks that can help you be more efficient so that you do more of what you and create more time for work, play, travel, fun, or all of the above!

Remember, it’s not about having time, it’s about CREATING time! When I feel those old patterns of “time blaming” and “time frustration” popping up, I take a deep breath and remind myself that I have all the time in the world to do everything I want to and more, because I CREATE TIME. Today, as you go about your day, evaluate your relationship is with time and take a simple inventory of how you are spending each moment of your 24 hours. Remember, with or without NZT, you are LIMITLESS!

Hope you can create time to join me this Saturday! Register here: