How I’m Shifting in 2018

Happy weird week in between Christmas and New Years…

I recently shared in one of my favorite groups how much I love for this strange week in our culture. It’s an odd time when you can feel the frantic holiday energy starting to calm down and a reflective mood begins to take over the collective.

People are visioning for the future, but there’s no urgency to do anything just yet. Many begin cleaning up, decluttering, and getting organized for the new year, but no one is ready to move at full speed yet. People are kind of working, kind of dreaming, kind of just wanting to be with loved ones or nap or day drink or whatever…it’s like a parallel universe where there are no rules, no pressure, no sense of time. Just a long lazy Sunday. I love it.

As I do every year around this time, I have been reflecting on how I want to FEEL in 2018. What can I let go of? What can step into? What do I want MORE of? What do I want LESS of? What are the lessons I’ve learned this past year and what are my intentions for the year ahead? Simply put, I’ve been listening to my soul and I’m excited to share a bit about what’s come up for me.

As you may have seen in our Best Life Ever emails and posts, we have some big changes coming up in 2018. We’re shifting our business to be working primarily with entrepreneurs and we feel so aligned and energized! We’re (courageously) letting go of some of our services and offerings to expand in ways that will allow us to serve our BLE community even better.

For entrepreneurs or those that have a business idea brewing, we will be serving primarily through our new online course launching Jan 16th called Broke-ass to BADA$$! This 8 week course is everything we’ve learned in the past 5 years packaged in a powerful program designed to give entrepreneurs the business and life of their dreams. If this is the year you’re ready to build and grow your online business and create more FREEDOM in your life, I invite you to book a breakthrough call with us by January 16th to see if this course is right for you.

The other BIG BEAUTIFUL focus for us in the new year is our Shift to Rise retreat April 26 through April 30 in Hau’ula, Hawai’i. I can’t tell you how epic this is going to be. Working with our team to bring this retreat to life has been one of the most incredible experiences. I encourage and invite you to visit our websitejoin our private Facebook group, and set up a call with us to talk about what you would like to shift in 2018 and to see if this retreat is where you’re meant to be!

As I move into the new year, my heart feels full and complete being able to serve joyously through Broke-ass to BADA$$, our Best Life Ever Tribe on FB, our BLE Podcast and Shift to Rise, which is why I have made the decision to indefinitely take a break from 1:1 coaching, personal newsletters, and my personal blog. One of the themes for me this year has been listening to my intuition and bravely letting go of things I love to make way for things that will bring me even more expansiveness, joy, and alignment than my fearful ego can envision or comprehend. Anyone else?

That being said, I want you to know that I am always here for you to support you in anyway that I can. I am so grateful to each and every one of you on this list. Our conversations and connection mean the world to me.

Please do stay in touch and keep me posted on all the magical things happening in your world. Message me and tell me what your vision is for the new year! I’d love to hear! 🙂

Love and hugs,


IG: @kimim and @brokeasstobadass


5-Bullet Aloha Friday

Happy Aloha Friday! And Happy November! Anyone feeling “busy”? After all, ’tis the season..of busyness. When I work with clients who are feeling “crazy busy” this time of year, one of the first things we look at is whether this is Chronic Busyness or Seasonal Busyness. I wrote a Best Life Ever blog post awhile back about understanding the difference between these two types of busyness because it’s such an important distinction to make. If you’re experiencing a little seasonal busyness as you gear up for the holidays, be easy on yourself and read up on a few strategies that you can use to lighten your load over the next few months 😉

And now for 5 things I’ve been enjoying and pondering:

  • What I’m buzzzzzzing about – BLE Buzz enrollment is open right now through 11/15/17! Life is too damn short to suffer through the week feeling overwhelmed, tired, and unproductive. We designed the Buzz to help people to reclaim their time, energy, relationships, and joy while they continue to CRUSH IT at work and in life. Give yourself the best Christmas gift EVER & join us for weekly live training calls, a membership site full of recordings, exercises, & resources, and unlimited support from me, Pua, and a community of badass buzzers living their Best Life Ever! There is a 7 day free trial, but I have a gift for you! Use the code BUZZFREEMONTH and get a whole month free! See you in the Buzz!
  • What else I’m excited about – Our Shift to Rise retreat is really coming to life. Check out this FREE training, “How to Get Unstuck”, from our Shift Team! We have another Shift webinar coming up next Thursday on “How to do a life inventory” and we’re announcing $4444 worth of bonuses for this retreat including a special dinner with us Shift leaders and an extra night of stay! Find out more and join our mailing list at by simply clicking to apply (you can choose to apply now or later, but there only 5 bonus packages available through 11/15, so action-takers will be rewarded abundantly!)
  • App I’m loving   Yummly. This app is the best thing ever for meal prep and grocery shopping! Search and save your favorite recipes from the interwebs, search based on ingredients on-hand and dietary preferences, make shopping lists, and even schedule when you want to prepare things!
  • What I’ve been drinking lately – Dirty Chais from Brue Bar. Chai + espresso tastes like gingerbread and feels like productivity!
  • My new favorite nighttime ritual –  Wonderfluff from Acure. I’m obsessed with this affordable, organic, overnight hydrating face mask/cream. Plus I love the quirky language on the tube: “You want some serious winkle fighting, you got it! Yes, we said ‘winkle fighting’. Winkle’s are the magical elves who sneak in at night and try to steal your pretty.”

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!

P.S. Are you ready to really begin transforming your life? Let’s talk

Are you Comfortably Uncomfortable?

This has been a weird week with lots of heavy energy in the air. Hope you all are doing OK and that you’ve gentle with yourself as you process all the emotions that may have been coming up for you this week. Consider a little extra self-care this weekend.  Slowing down, meditating, journaling, getting out in nature, and talking with a trusted friend, mentor, coach or counselor can all help. Take a few moments to ask your inner wisdom what you need most right now.

And now for 5 things I’ve been enjoying and pondering:

  • Quote I’m pondering – “If you don’t take action, don’t expect change” from this awesome article about why the majority of people don’t reach their goals (they are “comfortably uncomfortable” in their current circumstances). So good!
  • App I’m (still) loving – Funny Movie Maker! This past week I rediscovered this hilarious app on my phone. Our family has been having fun sending ridiculous messages to each other with photos of our pets talking. It’s the best thing ever.
  • Service I’m grateful for – Upwork. This global freelancing platform has 12 million(!) registered freelancers and allows you to interview, hire and work with freelancers and agencies through their platform. We’re working with a wonderful SEO/wordpress expert from India name Soni who is doing an incredible amount of quality work for us for $100. We’ve used Upwork for all kinds of projects such as PDF and eBook creation, graphic design – the possibilities are endless!
  • Cool network I love – This is the free private social network for your neighborhood community. I love being plugged in to all the happenings in my neighborhood and being able to post/comment/direct message neighbors. Makes me feel safe, connected, and supported in my ‘hood.
  • Supplements I’m obsessed with – Ciltep, Dopamine, and MycoMind from Natural Stacks! We were sent some samples from this amazing company and OMG my brain has been ON FIRE! Taken in the morning on an empty stomach, these natural brain optimization supplements clear up brain fog and supercharge memory, motivation, focus, and creativity!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Remember, don’t let being “comfortably uncomfortable” in your current circumstances stop you from reaching your goals. If you want to take your life to the next level, ask yourself what NEW action, big or small, you can take TODAY.

And if you want an objective perspective, powerful accountability, and would like to save time, energy, and stress in the pursuit of your goals, reach out to me. Time is a precious resource that we don’t get it back. Let’s get you to where you want to go. 

What is Your Great Work?

yourresponsibilityI am so proud to share that I recently completed Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital Course. The SJM Digital is an 8-module online course that helps you gain the confidence and business-building tools you need to live your highest purpose, make an impact and earn for your great work. So grateful to Shannon Algeo and Alex Kip – Live Light. for their encouragement and support on this journey and to my SJM brothers and sisters for sharing this journey with me.

Participating in the Spirit Junkie Masterclass has added so much more depth to my life and my work and I’m so grateful for the miraculous inspiration, connections and collaborations emerging from this experience. In this course, Gabby reminds us that it is our responsibility to share our great work with the world! I honor that call. Here is my great work:

1 – I am the Cofounder of Best Life Ever, a training company, membership service, and a podcast created with my badass business partner Pua. At BLE our mission is to support individuals and businesses to optimize performance and create lives they love. Our time + energy services are being used by entrepreneurs, leaders, educators, healers, students, and parents to get focused, reduce stress, and reclaim their time and their power.

2 – I have a beautiful private 1:1 coaching practice that brings me SO MUCH JOY! I work specifically with lightworkers who have a burning desire to master productivity, time + energy management, branding, and technology so that they can serve at the highest level. My coaching style is practical + spiritual. I LOVE what I do, love my clients, and I’m learning and growing and joyously expanding everyday.…/82274-request-…/marketing

3 – I am a proud partner of Purium – the best Superfood Superstore ever! I have been loving and sharing about this company since 2013 and they just keep getting better and better. I am so grateful for the health, joy, and abundance this business has provided me over the years.

4 – I am a mom – my greatest work 

Let me know if I can be of service in anyway!

What’s your GREAT WORK?! Share it loud and proud. It is your responsibility, baby! 

8 Weeks to More Productivity, Ease, & Joy!


So much going on over at Best Life Ever!

Pua and I are so excited for our upcoming Best Work+Life Ever 8 week virtual coaching program. Register today and tell all your friends! It’s so fun for us to do a class that is available to ANYONE not just those in Hawaii. This is the perfect course for anyone looking to create more productivity, joy, and ease in their personal and professional lives. Read more about our program here. We are using Webinar Jam to host this series and we LOVE it. Such an awesome tool and company.

And for those in Hawaii, this Wednesday, April 27th is our Pacific Business News University workshop “Overwhelmed to Inspired”. You can register here for you this 90 minute workshop at the Macy’s Special Events Room in Honolulu, Hawaii.

And OMG – Best Life Ever: The Podcast is FINALLY launching in just a few weeks and we are freaking EXCITED!!!!! We are launching 5 months later than we thought we would be after saying goodbye to Hot Better Pop Radio last December, but everything works out exactly as it is supposed to. Sometimes it’s hard to see it in the moment, but there really is a bigger picture at work that we can trust in.


Choosing Faith Over Fear


As I was doing my Best Week Ever process this morning (stay tuned for our Best Week Ever eBook launch happening in May!), I noticed various fears popping up about this or that as I looked at my week ahead: fear of lack, fear about taxes and business filing I need to get done, fears about not having enough time to get things done, fears about missing a workout (most fear, remember, is not a rational friend). So this week my intention is to replace my fear with FAITH. Faith in my abilities, faith that I am on an inspired path, faith in my big dreams, faith in my limitless potential, and faith in the limitless support available to us at all times. Fear keeps us stuck. Faith moves us forward. Fear paralyzes us and limits our options. Faith frees us and expands our vision. Choose faith over fear to create your Best Life Ever.

Affirmation of the Week: When I choose faith over fear, miracles appear. 

My Awesome Happiness U Adventure Begins!


I am so excited! Today I will be at Happiness U, introducing my upcoming course, “Fuel for Your Awesome Life”. Here is more info from

Fuel for Your Awesome Life: Saturday, September 21 at 3:00-4:00 pm
Join us for this free talk from Inspired Fitness and Nutrition Guide Kimi Morton as she shares with us her wellness philosophy on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of health, and the importance of creating a happy, balanced body. Join us to get some nutrition tips and get insight on her upcoming classes on fitness strategies in October. 

As I have been getting ready for my classes, I have been reflecting on the beautiful full circle that led me from being a student in Alice Inoue’s Feng Shui Your Life workshop, almost exactly 3 years ago, to being a teacher at her new school of Happiness. It was in Alice’s workshop that I began to truly identify my values, my inspirations, and my personal path to HAPPINESS.

It was so clear as I did this intensive inner work what a deep love for health, fitness, and self-development I have. By following my heart, trusting my intuition, and letting my inspiration and authenticity guide me over the past three years, I have found my calling and turned this love/hobby into a full-time career that makes my heart sing!

I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to share, learn, and grow with others at Happiness U. My SFAM (Sister From Another Mister) Alice Inoue has been such a transformative, powerful, significant presence in my life. It is an honor and a joy to be a part of her life-changing new school and it’s mission. There are people that have a gift for shifting consciousness and raising the collective vibration of the planet and my beautiful SFAM is one of these souls. I hope to make her proud today by sharing from my heart and helping others discover/uncover new fuel for their awesome, happy lives.

My SFAM and Me in the Mediterranean. Love, happiness, and deliciousness!